The Lions Circle Association
  “Rebuilding our ‘Pride’ by inspiring black men to be their best”  

“Grow Together Strong forever”

We are an association of Afrikan Canadian men who represent the full spectrum of the Afrikan Diaspora. Membership is open to all men of Afrikan ancestry, heritage or bloodline regardless their country or continent of origin. We are a secular organization open to men of all faiths. We are committed to establishing a way of being in our men and our community that is in harmony with spiritual and natural law. A way of being that honours the universal values and principles practiced in our communal Afrikan villages our high civilizations and rooted in our rich legacy as peoples of Afrikan descent.

To contribute to our rich and proud legacy by reinvigorating our families and communities with mature black masculinity.

Our Mission is to unfetter the limitless talents of black men to facilitate growth and success in every area of their lives.

  • Know yourself

  • Pursue your own evolution and cultivate virtue

  • Seek to harmonize with universal, natural, and spiritual laws

  • Pursue self mastery (master your thoughts, speech, beliefs, actions and your way of being)

  • Be a custodian of the Earth and all that is precious

  • Own and honour your creative power

  • Embrace life as a gift and be of service

  • Accept and embrace abundance as your natural state

  • Seek to know and commune with the source of all things


Be A Man Of Integrity

Let your actions be true to your purpose and vision Be Response-Able

Be confidential (Don’t share what a man says without their permission)

Keep your word

Be honest with yourself and others

Respect Yourself & Others

Speak to and treat others with respect (advise your Circle Leader if you’re going to be late or cannot attend an LC meeting)

Leave borrowed space as you’ve found it

Support those in your life

Hold those in your life accountable

Be Accountable

If it’s in your hands, take full ownership

Make specific commitments when required

Give your best

If you mess up, clean it up

Return phone calls and emails appropriately

Own Your Resources (Time, Money, Talents, Human, etc)

Spend your time in a way that serves you

Be ready to start at the start time

Manage and leverage your money

Utilize your skills, abilities, knowledge, and talents

Take care of your health and well being

Seek help, and help the people in your life