The Lions Circle Association
  “Rebuilding our ‘Pride’ by inspiring black men to be their best”  

“Rebuilding our ‘Pride’ by inspiring black men to be their best”

We train leaders by focusing on the inner lives of black men by cultivating a culture in which we can pursue our own growth, healing and an integration of our hearts, minds, bodies, souls and spirits. By awakening men’s awareness of how we are being in the world we inspire our men to live powerful purposeful lives. By teaching men to become masters of their gifts, talents and resources we challenge one another to become agents of change, healing, transformation and renewal. We produce leaders with a heightened awareness of the creative power of our actions and a deep sense of our responsibility to bring the noblest parts of ourselves to the world.

Lion Circle Meetings:  
These meeting take place every two weeks.   Our members engage in discussion, reflection, and exercises that look at the challenges and opportunities that life presents us on the path to leadership and growth.  They are the foundation of what we do in The Lions Circle, and a great introduction to our organization.

Circle Time: 
Circle Time is based on an ancient tradition among men throughout the ages, as old as fire itself!  We create a place of openness, trust and mature masculinity.  A specific time is allocated where we truly listen and see ourselves in another man.  We create the space for men to draw from the “Collective Wisdom” and support of the circle, to meet life’s challenges or share life’s victories.

Path Program:
The path program places our members on a focused and committed path to accelerate the attainment of their goals and fulfillment of their true potential.  A Path Team works together as a unit, challenging and helping each man within the team to discover more about who he wants to be and what he wants to achieve in the world.   The Path Program sets a pace and a process for us to grow and become more of that man, through planning, action, purpose and commitment.

Transformational Weekends  Events & All Day Events:
These are intensely focused and often challenging personal growth events for our members and men in our communities. They are designed to bring about significant change in a man’s life. They are healing and life-affirming events founded upon empowering principals.  Our weekend and all-day events bring to bear all of the leadership and growth technologies cultivated through the Lions Circle.  They celebrate our masculine brotherhood, our journey toward self-actualization and our indigenous cultural legacy as men of Afrikan decent.

Leadership Training:
Leadership Training is designed to help members discover the qualities of great leadership and apply them to their lives.  We explore personal leadership, leadership of other people, projects and organizations.  We examine the skills, characteristics, tools and practices that help distinguish great leaders and define great men.

Community Service:
We believe that great gift of life is the gift of service. It is through service that one can truly live ones potential, actualize ones gifts and ensure a lasting legacy.   The Lions Circle supports various community organizations and initiatives through service and partnership.  This is an outgrowth of the work we do in our circle to further grow our members and impact individuals who impact the world.