The Lions Circle Association
  “Rebuilding our ‘Pride’ by inspiring black men to be their best”  

“Our future is ours to create. .  Our future is ours to create”

Our Roots:
It started as an idea…to create a circle of brotherhood, trust, strength, and support for men of Afrikan descent.  The 5 founding members were connected by their involvement with another men's personal growth organization called the Men's Division International (MDI). It was what they discovered there that inspired their vision to create a circle for black men by black men.  Passion lead to action and the vision became reality.  On March 10th 2005, the 5 founding members and their invited guest held the first Lions Circle meeting in Toronto. Some of those guests were so moved by what was expressed and shared in that meeting that they kept coming back for more.  Those men became the co-leaders and co-founders of the circle we have today.  With each meeting, the men and the circle grew, as did the vision for what we could achieve together.

First LC Meeting:
After five months of planning and development and five years of dreaming the first Lions Circle meeting took place in the office of founding member Donovan Dill on March 10, 2005.

First Members Welcomed In:
On July 20, 2005 the first initiated members into The Lions Circle were Ron Abache, James Channer, Michael Forrest, Dixon Graham, Bentley Kwaku Springer.  These men along with founding members, as well as Awaovieyi Agie, Garfield Thompson, Donovan Whitaker continued the journey together and attended the first “All Day Event”.

Presentation of Lions Circle Road Map:

Because of their unique talents, gifts and vision first members Bentley Kwaku Springer and Michael Forrest were charged with creating a road map to help solidify the organization and chart the course ahead. After months of research and interviews the road map was ready. The Road Map was presented to the founders on September 26, 2005.

Formulation of The Board: 
As recommended in the Road Map an Executive Board
was formed to solidify the organizational structure and create clear accountabilities.  The following were the first board members.  The founders moved into executive roles: Richard Ausar Stewart, President; Ezra Francis Clark, VP Training and Marketing; Mickey Hutchinson, VP Programs Policies & Procedures; Mark A. Smith, VP Internal Relations.  New members quickly stepped up to accept the following roles:  James Channer, Circle Leader; Michael Forrest, Executive Secretary; Dixon Graham, Treasurer; Bentley Kwaku Springer, Advisor & Web Manager.

All-Day Event: 
On October 2, 2005 we held our first 12-hour fun and learning event held at Milne Damn Conservation Park. Dubbed as the “All-Day” event, it combined revealing group discussions, food, and games. It set the stage for events like the Creation Weekend that would follow.

Creation Weekend: 
March 16, 2006 marked the beginning of an amazing 2-day outdoor-indoor event held at the YMCA campsite in St. Clements. It combined deep introspection, discussion, profound learning, physical challenges and a number of exercises that facilitated bonding, team building and personal break-throughs.

Fathers & Sons United:
June 9, 2006 was the first of an annual event designed to bring black men, fathers and sons closer together to enjoy a day of fun activities while exploring the true value of this vital masculine relationship.