The Lions Circle Association
  “Rebuilding our ‘Pride’ by inspiring black men to be their best”  

“If You Want to Do More, Be More”

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Come to the next bi-weekly Lions Circle meeting in Toronto.  Email us at, to find out when and where.

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Become a member of the Lions Circle organization.  Commit to growing yourself, and other black men. Email us at to find out how.

Take part in one of our member and community events.  A rewarding and enriching way to invest in yourself and the community.

Make a difference in our community.  Sponsor our organization or one of our initiatives through financial, promotional or product and service support. Email for more information.

Build With Us: 
Become a Community Partner.  Perhaps you have a business or work with a community organization.  We are open to building synergistic alliances and working toward common goals.

Train the Trainers:  
If you have expert credentials in the field of personal growth and leadership, let's explore ways we can work together.  Email us at