The Lions Circle Association
  “Rebuilding our ‘Pride’ by inspiring black men to be their best”  

“From Me To We.  We Grow through Community”

Acorn School Project:
Inspired by the resolve and commitment shown by a small community to build their own school The Lions Circle Men showed up to lend a hand.

Cooking Program:
Lions Circle member and Leader, Mark Smith, was involved in a cooking program for young black men where he taught them the joys of cooking and self reliance seasoned with the life lesson he had learned growing up.

Scarborough Tutorial Program with Alliance of Guyanese Canadian Organizations:  
Lions Circle member, Ivan Nuwagaba, was lending his time and excellent academic credentials to a Scarborough based tutoring program. As one of the few male volunteers Ivan’s presence was highly valued.

Call to Action LC Men & Black Habits:
While attending a Black Habits workshop focused on our youth, Lions Circle president Richard Ausar Stewart issued a call to action to all the men in the room. The men encircled the young men and boys in recognition of the role Black men must play in our community.

Men’s Division International Reunion Event:
Lions Circle members were among the 200 men who attended this awesome gathering that celebrated good times, battles well fought, good food and friendship. A spontaneous charitable request lead to $5000 being raised that night to buy prosthesis for someone in need.

Coalition Summit Meeting: 
On July 22, 2006 a team of Lions Circle men volunteered as the On-Site Production Team during the first annual Coalition of Afrikan Canadian Organizations summit meeting. We were there to support, direct and protect. We brought a presence of unified mature masculinity and connected with new friends and partners in our community.